Almost everyone has got at least one: a bank account. Without a bank account it’s often impossible to receive your salary or to rent flat – therefore it’s an absolute must-have!

But not all bank accounts are the same – what might be true for a current account, can be completely different for a savings account. Instant access savings accounts and fixed deposit accounts have a very different functionality than the classic current account and are not usable for payment transactions.  

In order to give you an overview of all the different products on the market, we will introduce the different account types to you on this page. You will also find out what you need to pay attention to when opening an account.

Current Account

The classic amongst the accounts is often used for incoming and outgoing payments and comes with its own bank card. The type of card you will be issued depends on the country you live in as well as your bank. Here we explain which factors play a role when opening a current account.

Savings account

You might have guessed it already: A savings account’s purpose is first and foremost to store your savings. But what is the actual difference between a savings account and a current account? Find out here!

Instant access savings accounts

If you don’t know what an instant access savings account is or what you will have to pay attention to when looking for a suitable offer, you will find the relevant information on this page.

Fixed deposit account

Instant access or fixed deposit? Find out what the differences are and under which circumstances is makes sense to go for a fixed deposit account.

Overdraft facility

Most current accounts have an overdraft facility – but what exactly is that? And what is the best way to avoid unwanted costs? Here you will find the answer.

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