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Outbank allows you to aggregate all your bank accounts, instant access savings accounts, stock portfolios, credit cards and digital services such as PayPal in one app. More than 4,000 banks and financial institutions have been integrated across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A comprehensive overview keeps you informed about your personal financial situation at a glance.

“Secure Sync” made by Outbank – all your financial data on all your devices

With Outbank's “Secure Sync” all your financial data is synchronized to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or MacBook in real time. Encryption based on the zero-knowledge principle ensures 100% security during sync, making it impossible for third parties to access and read your data.

Why you will love Outbank

Save time and enjoy 100% security – that's banking with Outbank

100% secure banking

Zero-knowledge, active SSL pinning and transparent encryption are state of the art security technologies that protect your data from malicious attacks on all your devices.

Borderless banking

Outbank goes international - the App now allows banking within Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland – that includes all savings banks, UBS and Credit Suisse.

Flexible finance management

Outbank will allow full flexibility for your finance management – create and submit bank transactions in no time at all, wherever you are.

Expenditure control

With Outbank’s tagging function you can categorize all transactions in no time allowing you to get a better insight into how much you spend, what you spend it on and where you can improve your expenditures!

Global Banking

Outbank supports more than 4,000 banks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More countries are soon to follow!

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