Have you ever asked yourself where all your money is going? There's now a way for you to finally understand where your money is and how much you own across all the places your money is sent to, received from and stored at.

As of today, Outbank has the largest portfolio of financial institutions to choose from and a huge variety of features that make personal finance management easier than ever before:

Get automatic bank updates

We save you the hassle of importing your transactions by connecting you to more than 4.000 banks and financial products.

Send money

Use our smart transaction forms to quickly send money from your linked accounts.

Optimize your fixed costs

Add your recurring transactions, contracts, insurances, memberships etc. to your Outbank financial plan and compare them with deals of other providers in order to save a lot of money.

Organize transactions

Receive notification for new transactions and organize all your accounts and financial products in individual groups.

Analyze expenses

Tag your expenses individually or automatically and track them in special graph reports.

Be connected

Create your personal Outbank ID to receive all updates automatically across platforms and devices.

Stay safe

Keep your financial data private and protected with our unique on-device data storage and encryption technologies.

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