Outbank Security Weeks: That’s what secure banking looks like

Outbank Security Weeks
Outbank Security Weeks
Secure Banking encryption

Ron is a successful businessman. Natural to his position, he owns a lot of different bank accounts. He manages them via mobile applications provided by the respective banks. One day after a long meeting he’s waiting for his plane to depart when an email of his golf acquaintance pops up. Details and directions to a new golf course attached. Ron is curious and downloads the information. While boarding he once quickly logs into his banking app to pay for the board wifi. Once landed the shock hit him like a wave. The money is gone. Reason: A keylogger virus.


In how many movies, books and articles did you read about scenarios like this? How often did you think “OMG, online banking is just way too dangerous!”? But let’s reflect for a second. How real are these stories? How justified our fears? Or in short:

How safe is mobile banking?


The prejudice that online banking is per se unsafe has long been outdated and undermines the quality of the large variety of security technologies available to fintechs in order to secure banking applications and the involved data. The challenge so far is to recognize which fintech actually uses these technologies and how.


That’s why we compiled an intelligible guide to secure banking. In the following whitepaper you can find every information necessary to recognize secure and trustworthy banking applications:


  • Security technologies in banking
  • Treats and protection mechanisms in banking
  • Tips for secure browsing
  • Security encyclopedia

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