Security for your mobile banking.

Your financial data is encrypted on your device. Nobody can read them – not even we.

 Secure online-banking app

Local data storage

The Outbank banking app stores, secures and encrypts your data directly on your device. You are the only one who can access it. Your personal information will neither be stored on external servers nor passed on to any third party.

Secure banking app withouth data storage

My Money. My Data.

How much money you have in your account is nobody’s business – not even ours. That’s why we have no insight into your financial data and cannot analyze it. We want to secure and protect your sensitive date more than anything in the world. We are talking about your money, after all.

 zero-knowledge principle to store data
 SSL certificate for each bank

Secure data transfer

Each bank has a SSL certificate to prove its identity and ensure the bank connection is uncompromised. Outbank verifies this certificate several times per day using a security technology that the company specifically developed for this purpose - active certificate pinning.

State-of-the art data encryption

Outbank encrypts your data using the world’s safest AES encryption technology. This ensures your data is protected in case of hacker attacks or a possible loss of your device. You are the only one who can decrypt your data - with your personal and secure password.

bank data AES encryption
 zero-knowledge principle to store data

Complete data security

Outbank applies the zero-knowledge principle to securely store your banking data on your smartphone and to sync it across devices. AES encryption turns your data into an illegible combination of characters that can be made legible only by entering your master password. Hence, the hieroglyphs-like data information is completely useless without your password that only you have access to.

Find more details and illustrations about the deployed security technologies in our Security Whitepaper.

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