Search Smart: This Is How You Search for Amounts in Outbank

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Posted on 10. 02. 2017 Outbank app suche geldbetraege

You have various options to search your transactions in Outbank: payment purpose, name, tags, IBAN and since the last Outbank version 1.3.1 also amounts. These different ways of searching your finances helps you keep track of your money and increases the transparency of your money streams.

The following tutorial shows you how to search for amounts in 5 different ways

One tip upfront: Even if you have different currencies displayed in your accounts, you do not have to add the currency symbol in the search field. Now let’s get started!

Search for exact amounts:

  • Option 1: Enter the exact amount with decimals (i.e. 95.50)
  • Option 2: Enter the exact amount preceding a minus or plus to search for outgoing or incoming transactions (i.e. -46 or +96.33)

Search for uneven amounts:

  • Option 1: Enter >-10 <12 to get all transactions with in amount of that range
  • Option 2: Enter <5 to get all transactions amounting less than 5 Euros (other examples: <+5, <-3 or <-140.85)
  • Option 3: Enter >-8 to get all transactions amounting more than 8 Euros (other examples: >+14, >109, >-33,95)

Do you want to contain your search results even more? Then click on the filter symbol in the search field and i.e. limit it to tagged transactions. If you didn’t tag the results yet, you can also tab on the button called “Tag xxx results” above the search results and tag all of them at once. How you tag transactions is also described here.

Do you have any other questions or difficulties while searching for amounts? Then get in touch with us via mail or leave us your message on Facebook and Twitter.

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