How you rock your tax returns with these 5 apps

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Posted on 08. 02. 2017 outbank steuererklärung tax retuns

Today we want to talk to you about a completely different topic on the blog – filing tax returns via apps! If you think back five or ten years, filing tax returns costed you at least a week of your life. But today with all the digital options at hand, tax returns have become much easier to handle. If you know which apps to use, you can file the tax returns in just two hours. So let’s take a look at five different apps that will allow you to relax on the weekend while friends and colleagues lose their sleep over tax returns!

Stay up-to-date with Feedly

Did you know that the submission deadline for tax returns in Germany will be pushed back? Soon you can submit your documents in July – two months later than before. However, for 2016/2017 it’s still the usual date: May 31st! These are the kind of news you don’t want to miss before filing your tax returns, right? The news and blog app Feedly solves this problem. Just search for `tax´ and you will find a vast selection of blogs which send out news about tax-specific topics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Digitize your bills with Scanbot

Argh… those paper piles! Particularly time-consuming is the archiving of bills, receipts and tickets. However, it has to be done! So, why not use an app which makes this whole process much faster and efficient. The scanner app Scanbot allows you to photograph the bills, edit them per finger zoom and store them in your Dropbox or any other storage provider. If you want to be even more efficient, just scan your bills and receipts right after shopping. That way you don’t have to worry about archiving them right before sending the originals to the designated department of finance.

Compile a transaction list with Outbank

The next time-consuming, but potentially most important step is your transaction list with detailed information about your expenses, investments, donations, fees, travel costs and many more. To collect, specify and transfer these transaction details costs a lot of time and nerves. The multibanking app Outbank does that for you in just a few steps! Categorize your expenses with individual tags, like `tax returns´or `donations´, `salary´and `travel costs´. Use the filter function next to get a list of all transactions for your tags within a specific timeframe. Via the export and print feature you can then either export the list as a CSV file or send it directly to your tax consultant via mail.

File your return with WISO

Now you have to choose your next step: do you want to file the tax returns yourself with an app or hand it over to a tax consultant? If you choose to do it yourself, there are various software available to help you do that. Particularly popular is the WISO Steuer app. Apart from an easy and intuitive interface the app also gives valuable tips to really get everything out of your tax returns.

Find a tax consultant with Lohi-Connect

If you decide to hire a tax consultant, you can use Lohi-Connect to search for a tax expert in your neighbourhood. Just download the specific app for your federal state and find a trustworthy tax consultant in your city.

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  • Könnt ihr mir das mit den Umsatz-Reports mal anhand eines Beispiels zeigen? Ich kann zwar nach Datum oder Tags filtern, abervwie ich daraus dann dann einen Report für den Steuerberater als PDF erstellen oder als CSV exportieren kann, finde ich einfach nicht raus. Die Werkzeugleiste sehe ich immer nur, wenn ich eine einzelne Buchung aufrufe.