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Posted on 17. 02. 2017 Reise App Geld Smartphone

There is more to traveling than just a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower (even though we have to admit it’s the most popular selfie spot in the world): Just imagine you could manage your money while traveling in a single app and you would never have to worry about money shortage! Believe us, it’s possible! The Outbank banking app allows you to check how much you’ve spent so far on your boat cruise in the Maldives and gives you the option to kick off pending transactions from under the palm trees. You don’t want to manage your finances while traveling? Then how about this: Use one app to travel luxuriously and save money at the same time! The following blogpost show’s you how to do that!


App tipp 1: Include travel cards & save money

In order to save money while traveling, integrate your TUI Card in the Outbank app. The TUI Card doesn’t charge abroad. That way you save a lot of money every time you go to the ATM to fetch cash. This is valuable money you’ve donated to your bank in form of high processing fees in the past. Once you’ve integrated your travel credit card in the app, you can use every features to improve your money management simply and flexibly. For example, you could categorize your travel expenses in the app with several categories. Just add a tags like #flights, #accommodation or #allowance and you’ll stay in the loop of when and where your money flows. A trip is nothing without some alone and recreation time, right? And now imagine, that you could get this for free! Make sure you add your Tchibo Card to the other accounts in your Outbank app before you start traveling. With your Tchibo Card you get a freshly brewed coffee at every Tchibo store without paying money for it – every single day! And of course you can also use your card also for all the other banking features available in your favorite banking app.


App tipp 2: Collect miles & travel luxuriously

Who doesn’t dream of traveling in first or business class once in their lifetime? Allow yourself a little bit of luxury while traveling and track instead of your money, your Miles & More miles in your Outbank app. With every refresh of the app you get the newest status of your miles. Once you collected enough miles, you can directly go online and book an exclusive upgrade for your next flight. That’s going to be epic!


App tipp 3: Manage your money smartly & enjoy your travels

And now one last app tipp which will simplify your money management during your travels. Create an account group in your Outbank app exclusively for your financial travel products and add your TUI Card, Miles & More Miles, Tchibo Card and any other account you will need during your trip. This allows you to check your total travel balance without spending a lot of time on searching for the correct transactions. But if you are looking for a specific transaction, like the last hotel booking, simply search for it in the app. Was this article helpful to you? Feel free to leave us your comment on Twitter and Facebook.

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