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Posted on 12. 01. 2017 Modern Banking Outbank

Just before the New Year starts, we plan a whole list of activities, goals and successes we want to achieve in the upcoming twelve months. Are you dreaming about overlooking New York from the Empire State Building? Do you want to buy your first property? Or is your main goal to simply bolster your bank balance?

Modern banking makes it possible to achieve all those things: Easy-to-use applications on a variety of devices and smart features enable the modern online baker to manage his finances digitally – everywhere and at any time. Modern banking spares you the trip to the bank by combining all banking services like accounts, depots and reward cards in one app. Modern Banking allows you to organize your finances transparently, so that you can optimize them for the future. Modern Banking provides you with an opportunity to keep an eye on all your expenses in order to save up more efficiently for big investments.

Become a modern banker and achieve all your financial goals. This is how you’ll get there:

Trade shares

Do you own depots or do you plan to get in the Wall Street game in 2017? Outbank is there to help you get the most out of it. No matter how many depots you own, simply include them in your Outbank app alongside your bank accounts and keep track of your all over financial status. Follow your profits and losses almost in real-time and stay informed how they influence your money balance.

Travel the world

No matter if you’re jetsetting for work or leisure – the financial goal “travelling” is expensive and needs to be planned wisely. In order to keep track of your expenses organize them in categories. Create a tag called #travel and assign them to all purchases made for and during your holiday. Once you filter for this tag, you’ll see immediately what you’ve bought and how much you’ve spent in total. But modern banking can do even more for your financial planning during a trip. Integrate your Miles & More card and track with every refresh of the app, how many miles you’ve collected. Maybe it’s enough to ask for an upgrade or to take another trip?

Buy property

The largest investment you may want to go for in 2017 is the purchase of property. That surely is no walk in the park, but various features of modern banking applications support you in this process. Start first with grouping all accounts necessary for saving up for your privately owned home. By grouping your accounts, you get the total balance of the money you have at hand for your investment and get an idea of how much more you need to save up in order to actually go for the purchase. In the next step create a tag called #house and assign the tag to all incoming, outgoing and rebooking payments related to your property dream. You can add tags by either swiping to the left on the smartphone or by adding them in the transaction details.

If you’re additionally seeking financial support at a trusted bank, you’ll make a good impression in the first meeting when you take your latest bank statements with you. Export, save and print them directly from your app. To the modern bank assistant you may also want to send the statements electronically from within the app. For everyone who is buying property as a retirement provision and rents it out to other families the tag #house has another purpose. Tag the incoming rent and follow how the money decreases your credit debt step by step.

Apart from these three financial goals you may have lots of other small and large investments planned for 2017. Feel free to get in touch with us over Twitter and Facebook, we’re happy to give you advice how to achieve them with modern banking tools.

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