Release notes

Android – Version 1.17.5

Posted on 12. 02. 2019

IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES Transfers excluded from reporting: All transactions with the category ‘transfer’ or tagged with ‘transfer’ are now excluded from the entire reporting. Thus, they appear neither in the category nor in the tag reporting. Minor improvements and crash fixes.

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Android – Version 1.17.4

Posted on 07. 02. 2019

NEW Support for Fidelity: You can now add your stock accounts from Fidelity International Germany. IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES Bug at budgets fixed: We removed a bug that could occur when a manual tag was added to a budget. Postbank SparCard available again: You can now connect your Postbank SparCard account again. Several improvements and crash […]

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Android – Version 1.17.3

Posted on 31. 01. 2019

IMPROVEMENTS Transfers are not considered – we integrated a feature that you often requested: In the list of transactions, transfers are now excluded from the balance. This applies on all transactions that are categorized as ‘transfers’ or have a manual tag ‘transfer’. If a transaction is not categorized as ‘transfer’ automatically, you can also change […]

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iOS/macOS – Version 2.16.0

Posted on 21. 01. 2019

iOS NEW: Browse through transactions: You can now go through your transactions one after another without having to navigate back to the overview list in between. Swipe up (next transaction in list) or down (previous transaction in list) in the transaction details. Further, “previous / next” navigation arrows are located at the upper right corner […]

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iOS/macOS – Version 2.15.0

Posted on 07. 01. 2019

iOS & macOS NEW: Save money and switch your gas contracts now in Outbank – powered by Verivox: Additionally to your electricity contracts, you can now switch your gas contracts quickly and easily within Outbank in a native environment. Discrete hints in your transaction list, transaction details, and contracts show you which contracts you can […]

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Android – Version 1.17.2

Posted on 21. 12. 2018

IMPROVEMENTS: Transfer reason formatted: The transfer reasons in your FinTS bookings are now easier to read. Error in PDF export fixed: We fixed an error that caused a repeated header in the PDF exports. Error in budgets fixed: We fixed an error, that resulted in incorrect filtering of transactions. Backups from iOS/macOS can be installed […]

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iOS/macOS – Version 2.14.1

Posted on 18. 12. 2018

iOS IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES: Siri Shortcuts: We optimized payments via Siri Shortcuts. Transfer reason formatted: The transfer reasons in your FinTS bookings are now easier to read. Payment receiver: The list of payment receiver suggestions opens automatically when receiver field is empty. Error in account deletion: We fixed an error that occurred when deleting an […]

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Android – Version 1.17.1

Posted on 12. 12. 2018

IMPROVEMENTS: Improved performance: We improved the stability and performance of the app. As a result, you can now manage your finances even more efficiently. Fixes and improvements

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iOS/macOS – Version 2.14.0

Posted on 03. 12. 2018

IMPORTANT: In order to improve the performance of Outbank, we did a few updates in the backend. After updating to version 2.14.0, data synchronization with older versions is no longer possible. To synchronize your data successfully via Secure Sync, please install the new version 2.14.0 on all your devices.   iOS IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES: Design […]

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Android – Version 1.17.0

Posted on 15. 11. 2018

NEW: The time has come: Cash books / offline accounts are now available! Create new cash books: You can now easily integrate all your cash spendings and housekeeping books into Outbank. So you finally have all your accounts and expenses in one place right now. The offline accounts are created like any other account. Add new […]

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