Release notes

iOS/macOS – Version 2.25.0

Posted on 13. 11. 2019

iOS & macOS NEW: More details in the account list: You can now see the last refresh date and the IBAN of your accounts in the account list. Further, you will see your depot development in the account list. You can do the changes at ‘Settings’ > ‘Appearance’ > ‘Account list’. IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES: Improved …

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Android – Version 2.9.1

Posted on 13. 11. 2019

IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES Account filter: In the transaction list, filtering for accounts works correctly again. Sending payments again: You can now start payments from the details of a transaction again. Pending transactions: We have fixed an issue where transactions were still flagged as pending even after their booking. Several optimizations & fixes.

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Android – Version 2.9.0

Posted on 31. 10. 2019

IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES Refactoring & performance updates: We made many improvements so that the app runs more smoothly and stable on your device. Updated integration of ING diba: We fetch the giro and extra accounts via HBCI interface again to reduce the 2-factor authentication requests for those accounts. Please note that ING no longer allows […]

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iOS/macOS – Version 2.24.1

Posted on 30. 10. 2019

iOS & macOS IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES: Updated integration of ING: We have changed the integration of the bank back to the HBCI interface to ensure that you need to do less confirmations. Please note that ING will no longer allow payments via HBCI.  Select accounts for support request: You can now select one or more […]

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iOS/macOS – Version 2.24.0

Posted on 24. 10. 2019

iOS & macOS IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES: Automatic backgrounding without 2-FA accounts: If an account needs strong authentication it is no longer included in the automatic backgrounding. AutoFill of SMS passcodes (iOS only): TAN and SMS passcodes are now recognized and passed in automatically again. PLEASE NOTE: Some banks have not yet optimized their text messages […]

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Android – Version 2.8.4

Posted on 14. 10. 2019

IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES Temporarily, transfers between accounts were not possible in the app. We fixed that. Some changes in the backend for PSD2 Smaller improvements & fixes

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iOS/macOS – Version 2.23.2

Posted on 30. 09. 2019

iOS & macOS IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES: Transactions wrongly displayed as pending (iOS only): Sometimes, transactions that were already booked were shown as pending. We fixed that bug. PSD2 changes: We made some updates in the backend to adjust Outbank to the PSD2 regulations. Transfer between accounts works again: Temporarily, transfers between accounts were not available […]

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iOS/macOS – Version 2.23.1

Posted on 29. 09. 2019

iOS & macOS NEW Welcome to the dark side (iOS only): Dark Mode is here! Finally, your Outbank also looks great in the dark – and protects your eyes. Outbank is dark, if you activate dark mode on your device. At ‘Settings’ > ‘Appearance’ in Outbank, you can switch the light on and off, separately. […]

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Android – Version 2.8.3

Posted on 19. 09. 2019

IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES PSD2 changes (see info below): We made some adjustments in the backend to prepare Outbank for the PSD2. Several improvements & bug fixes   IMPORTANT: Since Saturday, 09/14, the PSD2 comes is in force. Use of Outbank my be limited, since many banks are changing their systems currently. We will inform you directly […]

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iOS/macOS – Version 2.23.0

Posted on 17. 09. 2019

iOS & macOS VERBESSERUNGEN & FIXES PSD2-Umstellung: Wir haben einige Anpassungen im Backend vorgenommen, um Outbank auf die PSD2 vorzubereiten.   ACHTUNG: Seit Samstag, 14.09., ist die PSD2 in Kraft.  In Outbank kommt es deshalb zu Einschränkungen, da viele Banken aktuell ihre Systeme umstellen. Wir informieren dich in der App, wenn deine Bank betroffen ist. […]

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