Release notes

iOS/macOS – Version 1.9.0

Posted on 25. 07. 2017

New & only in Outbank: Besides the banking functionalities, you have now the option to track your fixed costs in your personal financial plan. To find out whether you currently benefit from the best terms, you can compare your costs with other deals out there. It’s the first feature of its kind for multibanking apps all over Europe. We’re curious about your opinion!

NEW in Outbank:

Financial plan

  • Create your personal financial plan via the button ‘Financial plans’ below the search field in the account list
  • Add your contracts, insurances, loans, income etc. as recurring cost to your financial plan via Financial plan > Add new item or mark a transaction in the transaction list via left swipe
  • Specify an end or renewal date, if applicable, and receive a reminder
  • Compare your terms with deals of other providers by clicking on the ‘Compare’ link in the financial plan
  • Remove an item from the list via left swipe
  • All your items are calculated to a monthly balance which demonstrates your available monthly budgets


  • Several small fixes