Release notes

iOS/macOS – Version 2.24.0

Posted on 24. 10. 2019

iOS & macOS


  • Automatic backgrounding without 2-FA accounts: If an account needs strong authentication it is no longer included in the automatic backgrounding.
  • AutoFill of SMS passcodes (iOS only): TAN and SMS passcodes are now recognized and passed in automatically again.
    PLEASE NOTE: Some banks have not yet optimized their text messages for autofill. Therefore, this feature is not possible with every bank at the moment.
  • Contract suggestions I: When you add a new bank account, Outbank will suggest recurring transactions as contracts.
  • Contract suggestions II: When you have recurring transactions in your transaction list that are not marked as contracts yet, Outbank will also suggest these transactions as contracts.
  • Contracts marked in transaction list: A small contract icon in the transaction list shows you that the transaction is connected to an added contract.
  • Minor bug fixes and small improvements.


#OutbankVeteran: The digital surprise for our Veterans is now visible in the ‘Settings’. Once more, big thanks to all of you! If you don’t know what #OutbankVeteran means, you are not affected ;-).