Release notes

iOS/macOS – Version 2.22.2

Posted on 20. 08. 2019

iOS & macOS


  • Deposit calculation: In some cases, the percentage increase for depots & securities was calculated incorrectly. We fixed that.
  • Minor UI / design adjustments, optimizations, and fixes.



  • Text size adjusted: In the previous version we had adapted the text size to the device settings. For some users, the font was displayed too big – so we improved here.
  • photoTAN graphics: We have adjusted the size of the photoTAN graphic so that it is correctly recognized again.
  • Improved widgets: When you tap on a widget, you will now end up in the corresponding are (in the account or in the budget view) – not in the settings as you did before.
  • Optimized web service login: Connecting and login to web service accounts such as Fidor and vaamo is now even easier.