Release notes

iOS/macOS – Version 2.22.1

Posted on 08. 08. 2019

iOS & macOS


  • Change text size (iOS only): The font size in Outbank now adapts to your device settings. If you would like to change the font size, navigate to the device settings ‘Display & Brightness’ > ‘Text Size’ or ‘Genereal’ > ‘Accessibility’ >’ Larger Text’ and change the settings.



  • Updated integration of ING (diba): As part of the new Payment Services Directive PSD2, ING has revised its online banking. We have adjusted the integration of the bank within the Outbank app to ensure that the transaction retrieval works for all ING customers again. Payments via HBCI are no longer available. More information can be found on our help page.
  • Automatic account refresh reduced: At Outbank, your bank accounts are automatically updated in the background. Previously, this process was done every 90 minutes or ten times a day and account at a max. With the PSD2, some banks allow only four automatic refreshes per day. We have therefore reduced the number of automatic refreshes to two per day and account. Of course, you can manually update your accounts as many times as you like. But it may be necessary to enter a PIN/TAN after a certain number of queries.
  • Balance graph without vibration (macOS only): Some users did not like that their macs’ trackpad vibrated during hovering on the graph. That’s why we removed the feature again.
  • Minor bug fixes and small improvements.