Release notes

iOS/macOS – Version 2.22.0

Posted on 17. 07. 2019

iOS & macOS


  • Customize your Outbank (iOS only): At ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Design’ you can now select individually which information of a transaction should be displayed in the transaction list (e.g. category, tag,  transfer reason, IBAN).
  • Exclude account from general refresh: To exclude an account from general refresh, tap on the account in the account list and afterwards on the account name in the header. Then choose ‘Ignore upon refresh’. This account will no longer be included in the general refresh when starting the app.



  • New sidebar for contracts & budgets (macOS only): At ‘Contracts’, a new sidebar awaits you where you can switch between ‘Budgets’, ‘Contracts’, and ‘Contract Inbox’.
  • Contracts in transaction details: A new field ‘contract’ is now displayed in the transaction details. If you click on it, all details about the linked contract pop up.
  • Minor bug fixes and small improvements.