Release notes

iOS/macOS – Version 2.19.0

Posted on 02. 05. 2019

iOS & macOS


  • Editing standing orders and scheduled transfers: With some UI changes in the summary we made it easier to see which fields can be edited.
  • Disconnected accounts: Pending transactions can be deleted manually.
  • We improved the format of the bank news.
  • Hidden offline accounts don’t appear in the list of disconnected accounts any more.
  • We solved an issue that prevented some users from activating their new security method (TAN-Verfahren).
  • The date of last account refresh is now displayed properly in the list of transactions.
  • Automatic categories: Muted categories got an extra icon in ‘Categories & Tags’ to make it clearer that they won’t be assigned to any transactions automatically.
  • We fixed some issues with VoiceOver (iOS only): The +/- button in the offline transaction details is now accessible with Voiceover and the account balances are updated properly.
  • Offline transaction details (iOS only): The keyboard doesn’t hide the details any longer when selecting a category.
  • Minor bugfixes and small improvements.