Why the Fear of Unsafe Online Banking Isn’t Justified

Posted on 16. 01. 2017

Outbank publishes the first Security Whitepaper about the various technologies used to protect online and mobile bankers from potential threats. With descriptive images and examples the content illustrates how technology prevents the threats from causing harm to a user’s financial data.

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Outbank kicks of awareness initiative for secure banking

Posted on 05. 01. 2017

Munich, January 5th, 2017 – Outbank, one of the most successful multi-banking apps in Germany, initiates a six-weeks-long awareness initiative about security in mobile and online banking, starting January 16th. The goal is to sensibilize individuals to potential threats and available security measures in banking and raise their awareness for secure banking applications. The following …

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Outbank veröffentlicht erste Android-Version im Play Store

Posted on 06. 12. 2016

München, 6. Dezember 2016 – Outbank, eine der erfolgreichsten Multi-Banking-Apps Deutschlands, startet mit der ersten Early-Access-Version im Google Play Store. Erfolgreich im iOS- und macOS-Umfeld etabliert, steht die Multi-Banking-App ab heute auch allen Android-Nutzern zur Verfügung.

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Outbank Expands Banking Portfolio with Fidor, Ikano & Co.

Posted on 22. 11. 2016

Munich, November 22, 2016 – Outbank, one of the most popular multi-banking apps in Germany, expands its banking portfolio to more than 4,000 banks. The app now gives access to popular financial institutions like Fidor, Ikano and various other banks from Germany and Austria. All new banks come with the following functionality: separate and allover […]

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Outbank Announces European FinTech Alliance Membership

Posted on 17. 11. 2016

Outbank proudly announces its membership in the European Fintech Alliance. A membership that paves the way for Outbank to actively shape EU-governmental decisions about the future of a collective European financial sector. Together with other leading financial services, business analysts and policy makers, Outbank advocates for consistent fintech guidelines and standardized transnational application programming interfaces (API) in order to simplify European-wide banking.

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Outbank Integrates Bitcoins

Posted on 09. 11. 2016

Munich, November 9, 2016 – Outbank, one of the most popular multi-banking apps in Germany, integrates the digital currency bitcoin. That allows Outbank users to manage and overlook their Biteasy bitcoins in the same app as their regular bank accounts. With this integration, Outbank reached a new level of financial transparency, providing users with a clear overview of their allover financial status.

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Mobile multi-banking: Outbank includes payments and tagging

Posted on 25. 10. 2016

Munich, October 26, 2016 – Outbank, one of Germany’s most popular multi-banking apps, integrates SEPA transactions and scheduled payments in iOS and macOS versions. In addition to that, users can now categorize their spendings with personalized tags. This simplifies the tracking of expenses, adds more transparency to the payment flow and helps the user to optimize all finances simply and efficiently.

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Award-winning banking app Outbank ushers in next generation with all-new iOS app: The first 100% secure multi-banking app for all devices

Posted on 07. 07. 2016

Munich, July 07, 2016 – Outbank sets a new standard in the world of digital finance with its newly launched iOS app. As a multi-banking app, Outbank unites all bank accounts, credit cards and PayPal in one place. More than 4,000 banks are already connected. The new iOS app marks the start of a new generation of banking solutions that guarantee 100% data security.

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